Tom Flowers

Tom Flowers, of Muleshoe, Texas, is recognized across the country as an authority on agricultural equipment markets. He received his auctioneer's license in 1956 at Fort Smith, Arkansas, and began conducting auctions then. Flowers relocated to Muleshoe in 1968. He conducted monthly tractor and equipment auctions as well as traveling throughout the country working seven, large monthly equipment auctions in the following cities: Brownsville, Clifton, Lubbock, and Seymour in Texas, Rush Springs, Oklahoma, Cornlea, Nebraska, and Mitchell, South Dakota. Along with these monthly sales, he was instrumental in beginning the Ward Brothers Auction in 1970 held in Clovis, New Mexico. The Ward Bros. Auction sale has since grown to be the largest annual consignment auction in the Southwest. Flowers has served as head auctioneer of this annual sale.

Until 1985, Flowers traveled extensively, serving as head auctioneer on most of these auctions. These monthly auctions averaged over 100 tractors and 300 to 1,000 pieces of farm equipment per sale with volumes in excess of $ 1 million dollars. Fellow auctioneers have estimated that Flowers was selling in excess of $ 50 million annually at public auction during the almost 20 years of his most active work. Flowers logged more than 150,000 miles annually. He has also bought and sold equipment as an individual thus gaining the special knowledge that comes with actual personal investment.

Because of his extensive contact with buyers and sellers of agricultural equipment plus his personal experience in trading, Flowers brings an expertise that is rare in the field of agricultural equipment marketing. His ability to appraise and evaluate tractors and other agricultural equipment in relation to condition, current market values, and his knowledge of market trends across the country have contributed to his reputation as an authority on agricultural equipment and implements. Bankers,
farmers, dealers, and other regularly solicit his advice and opinions with extensive capital investment
in ag equipment.

Auction Insight, the market report produced by Flowers, was developed in response to the need for more accurate and realistic evaluations of farm machinery in today's tight market. From his unique point of view as buyer, seller, and auctioneer in all areas of the country, he is able to spot trends and understand the market in such a way the average farmer or financing executive cannot. He has developed Auction Insight to share his expertise in the field and help others gain a better feel for the agricultural equipment market.

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